About 98 percent done. So I want to post. This is my dream piece. A lot of meaning here. So let me begin.

A few days after Caleb passed, I had a dream. I was standing in front of my aquarium, Caleb was standing just off my right. I was looking at my fish, the tank was very organized. Little paths made of seashells, everything was quite linear. Which is what happens when I am upset. I have to square up everything. Then there was a mermaid, she was swimming around. She looked content though, and happy. I made a comment to Caleb “Oh, the turquoise on her tail is gone”. It should of rimmed the tail, but it was gone. You see, I associate turquoise with happiness. When Caleb heard me he gave me his sideways grin, his eyes were soft. I read his look to say, “but she still swims” I smiled at him, and understood. She still swims.

So, this buffet represents this dream. I painted to show water, and movement. Different shades of blue. Sparkles even, to show light. The sides, the bottom of the ocean. Which also represents a poem I wrote about depression and rising above it, called ‘kick’. I took my time until I was happy with it. I wanted to celebrate, movement. Continuing on through sadness. Celebrating, that she still swims.

So, here it is. A very personal project that I enjoyed doing. ❤️

different shades of blue, showing light as it passes through water
The top, I wanted to show movement like water does on the surface, or through a river
The mermaid, she is not as happy looking as in the dream. She seems asleep here. I did not want her to stand out too much, almost like a shadow below the surface.
The inside door. I do not think I am going to leave it like this. I think I am going to paint the inside panel with chalk paint, and then chalk in “She Still Swims”
The handles were a dull brass color, I spray painted 2 shades of blue and some glossy black. Then went over that with a sparkly spray.
the side panel. The bottom of the ocean, to represent my creative writing piece called ‘kick’. That I wrote about the depression I felt with Caleb’s passing.

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