I love, LOVE, photography. I love to just dive my focus into pictures. The angles, the compositions, colors, or lack of. It is like, poetry without words to me. I want to find the beginning and the end, of the why’s and silent story of, every frame.

Perhaps I am being overly passionate. If it’s a picture of a dog, well then, it is a picture of a dog. Move on! No mystery here. No story you need to detangle. Oh, but my friend. If it’s a beautiful picture, how can you not smile. And adore.

And I cannot help to share, mine. That is why we are all here, is it not? To share. And to hopefully grow from each others encouragement.


Some of my recent Winter photo’s of 2019

I do not own a fancy camera, I just love to take pictures. πŸ™‚

it’s a dog! My beloved, Romeo.
Tried so hard to catch the glimmer of the ice crystals hugging this clump of stems.
Right feeder, wrong bird. Or is it, right bird, wrong feeder?
Playing with photoshop. This is: ‘Cattails by frozen pond’
A gazebo for all seasons. This gazebo has been a focus in many of my pictures.
Playing with contrast in nature.
My youngest. πŸ™‚
The promise of no more snow

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