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    About 98 percent done. So I want to post. This is my dream piece. A lot of meaning here. So let me begin. A few days after Caleb passed, I had a dream. I was standing in front of my aquarium, Caleb was standing just off my right. I was looking at my fish, the […]



    I am doing lots of painting. I am pretty sure there is not a single article of clothing that does not have a splash of paint on them. Not counting bra’s or underwear, because painting in my unmentionable’s is a level I have not achieved. Yet. How am I? I get that question a lot, […]

  • Therapy


    Nothing puts me at ease like painting. Decided to do a mural. It’s my first one. Was always so terrified to try my hand. This was an unplanned thing. I painted the wall, which was all I was going to do. Then just kept going. Glad I did. It was good therapy. There are words […]

  • Color


    I have been away, painting has called me. Ideas pulling my thoughts down a path of paintbrushes and wooden canvases. My voice becomes silent as my words become color. Good times.

  • Get Up!

    Get Up!

    We got a nice depth of snow last week, it made the winter landscape come alive.  And lent itself for some beautiful pictures to be taken across the pond. Other then waiting for snow to come and go this Winter. I have been painting. Stretching my boundaries out and creating confidance as I go. At […]