Forgive me my readers, it has been almost two months since my last posting.

I have been busy upcycling my emotions. Taking each one, and remodeling its destructive habits. To better suit me, and my day to day. Not even one mood is trashed. It gets a facelift, a splash of bolder color, a trendy curve in just the right place. To the point that I cannot even tell where it went wrong, it just has better use for me and for those around me.

Lord knows, I do not want to bore those with my day to day emotions. Empathy only runs as deep as their well is dug. So, you get used to being quiet, being alone. I do not have to lie “I am good” when they ask. And who really has the right answer to that question anyway? It is just a gut question. We are programmed to ask such things when we run into someone we have not seen in awhile, or you know are experiencing trauma. We ask the question. Without even thinking about it. We just want to get to the next statement. “good, glad to hear it” Then we know we are closer to getting the hell out of there.

So, I am busy doing my projects. They make me happy. I can quietly introspect myself as I sand for two hours. It has been better then therapy. And a lot cheaper.

“I know it’s stupid,

it is just hard being human”


Before and After


China hutch done!

2 responses to “Human”

  1. I love that you take things that have been stressed and broken and abandoned and turn them into something stronger and beautiful. It’s also almost a metaphor for your words here. When people ask me how I am, I always ask them ‘do you want the polite answer or the honest answer?’ We always laugh as if I’ve made a joke. But it’s not a joke. I’m giving them the option to be honest about whether they’re just making polite conversation or not. My friends will always pause as if the question makes them really think about what they just asked me. And then almost always, they will say ‘the honest one’.

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    1. exactly. I ask “How much time do you have?” as a joke kinda, and also to be serious. I love your words, and I am humbled you like mine ❤ And ALWAYS I love that you comment. 🙂

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