Savior Friend

Did you see me standing there? Shining like a flickering neon sign. Broken cadence of pulsing beams of light. Did I attract your eye? My smile like a tractor beam, these starry orbs deflecting secrets, reflecting you. Did I make you curious? Fingers like Pandora’s, creeping, breathing heavy, because you think your ready? Do you … More Savior Friend

In My Deep

Small heart shaped leaf, found on rock in Hawaii While I am working out my printer issues, and bobbling about through stuff. I have stumbled across a couple of poems I have written. I write out my poems rather quickly, like in 10 minutes. I close my eyes, and start typing. I feel nothing at … More In My Deep

I Was Here

It was the year 1890, the month was March and the day was the 8th. In a small English town named, Sible Hedingham, a baby girl was born. I imagine the air still had its wintry grip, but easing as Spring whispers her warm promises of green. Wrapped snug in a small blanket and held … More I Was Here


I am wretched, or so I believed. grace could not be found at the bottom of anything. So, I began to gather enough feathers to make some wings. I began to test them, try their strength. But you would soon give chase and tear at me. Tossing my pieces out to the wind. Though bruised … More Fly


She was born with winter in her bones, a frigid wind within each lung. She had skin that rivaled morning frost, her touch a bitter cold that stung. Her only love in life was fire, how it caressed and warmed her skin. She gave her heart to feed its embers, and let it melt her … More Embers