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  • HALF

    it’s too late to talk. To write. To think. I have a headache. It’s 3:49 am. December 6th came and went. Like it always does. But my son’s memory is forever. Two years now since he moved on to the next world. And here I am stuck. i am trying to get unstuck though. I […]



    About 98 percent done. So I want to post. This is my dream piece. A lot of meaning here. So let me begin. A few days after Caleb passed, I had a dream. I was standing in front of my aquarium, Caleb was standing just off my right. I was looking at my fish, the […]

  • Therapy


    Nothing puts me at ease like painting. Decided to do a mural. It’s my first one. Was always so terrified to try my hand. This was an unplanned thing. I painted the wall, which was all I was going to do. Then just kept going. Glad I did. It was good therapy. There are words […]

  • loss


    If I knew December 6th, 2020 was going to take from me my son. I would have spent so much time with him, told him how much I loved him, hugged him. Took more pictures. I would have made sure I brought him to the Dr’s. Made sure his cholesterol was in check. Specially since […]