Get Up!

Winter Reflections

We got a nice depth of snow last week, it made the winter landscape come alive.  And lent itself for some beautiful pictures to be taken across the pond.

Arg those power lines!   Slicing through my pictures like scars on the landscape.  But such is the price, for not living off the grid.
A collage of happiness and eye candy

Other then waiting for snow to come and go this Winter. I have been painting. Stretching my boundaries out and creating confidance as I go. At the end of every project I am surprised at what I am capable of. “You want me to paint a tractor for you?! But I can’t!”

I did finish this, but this picture shows the tractor picture during its progress.

Ok….so I can paint a tractor. It is liberating to prove yourself wrong. That negative voice is a liar! My dads voice in my head so long ago “she can’t draw!” Made quieter in my memory every time I complete a picture. Every time I challenge myself and succeed.

There are times when I do not succeed, but I keep trying. There is a popular saying “It is not with the falling that we learn what we are capable of, it is with the getting up to try again.” Or something like that, but you know what I mean.

Get up! Do it again!

Last week I found a cheap flat canvas, that I had barely sketched out a limb, scattered leaves and a very tiny apple within its twigs. I was not happy with the sketch. But I kept it and told myself to finish it some time later.

So, 10 years later I picked it up and started to breath life into it. I have some added features to finish, but finish it I will.

Taking the power out of “You cannot draw!” And transferring it back into my hands with a shout of. “Oh, but I CAN. And, I will!”

Unfinished but on its way!

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