Category: Thoughts

  • Don’t


    I don’t have anything to say I don’t know what to do today I have shut the curtains against the sun hearing the call to come out and play smother it with blankets over my head all day all day come out and play come out and play I don’t know what to say blankets […]



    Almost done with another project. A cute little drop leaf table, sitting free by the side of the road. I really could not pass it up. I can drive by lots of abandoned furniture. Always taking up residence on the side of the road. Like the many homeless people that seem to be gathering in […]

  • FEEL


    I once had a dream. Before I was dating the man I am now married to. The dream seemed to be of a warning, but a warning I was unsure of. I dreamed, this man, was on his back. His daughter (his daughter that I had not met yet) was staring down at him. The […]

  • Run


    I do believe I am over run with projects. Just cannot stop, will not stop.

  • Grief


    Grief is a Carnival you never want to enter. Its sign, flickering afar, with its dark, lonely, depressing cadence. Catching your eye every now and then as you journey through, skirting its borders. It fills you with fear. Not excitement. Not in mysterious wonder. Your belly will not fill with cotton candy joy as you […]