We are humans capitalizing
our opposable thumbs. 
Stomping  ‘Unique!’ within the crowd
of our cookie cutter crumbs.
brief and beautiful, 
melting in the heat of a palm.

tick tock
  tick tock

                 All   is    gone. Humming bird 2019

How brief our time on earth. How fragile it beats for us. We are daydreaming, and splashing through puddles, eating honey butter sandwiches made by mom. Then we are not. We are rushing through our day, getting that paycheck, making small talk, daydreaming vacations. Watching your face age, counting the gray, feeling the slow melt of your life.

And perhaps you are asking yourself, why am I here? What do I do now? Your fingers gripping the edge of a sink, as you turn away from your reflection. “Have you forgotten your youth?” I would like to ask. A child does not question, or feel the press of time. They simply do what will make them smile, or laugh or what makes them happy. I feel like, as we progress through time, we make boxes. And we live in them. We pass through to the next box, when the next chapter of our life turns. And as we wait for the next box to be made, we stare at those four walls around us, and we say “This is where I am, this is what I do” .

Our life is brief. Do not fill it with boxes, do not feel the slow melt of your life. Just do. Be heard. Stomp your feet. Use that fancy glass and pour yourself some wine. Take up a hobby. Engage. Dance under a full moon naked! My Aunt and Uncle did that when they were 80. I laugh at that, and other times, I wish they never told me, because I am a very visual person. Oi.

So with all that being said….

Spoil yourself. You have one, brief, beautiful life.

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