I wrote this poem while I listened to this song, do not start reading until 1:20 in the music, if you want to play along that is or just start whenever you want. The point is, to relax and lean into the words and the music. *smiles*

Sleeping bud
awake to rain
to feed your roots
to help you grow.

Push through the crust
that holds you, the moist damp earth,
that cradles you.

Under the clash of thunder and opening skies
sleeping seed,
the yearning calls you
from your cradle.

Infant seed,
uncurl your roots and
sleep no more.

Rise or you will die.
uncurled and dormant,
your scent unknown.

And bless, you will not, a hand,
a nose, or eye. No prose will be written
of how brightly, unfurled, your petals.

Yield to the yearning and get growing!


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