Spring Fling

keeping the birds happy with bird chow – Hummingbird

Spring is a busy time of the year. Your tidying up inside and outside the home. Your digging in dirt and planting flowers, creating some landscape in the yard that makes your heart flutter. Your clearing out the dust of winter, washing windows, perhaps there is a new lightness to your step, bright ideas are flourishing and giving you hope. Summer seems as if it is taunting, when we have an unseasonably warm day followed by 3 days of rain. Yes, LOTS of rain.

So, all that to say. I have been busy. My mind elsewhere. I did finish my 100 characters in 100 days…or was that in one week? I jest, it was a week. I am not sure how to upload that into my blog here, but I will see what I can do. But, believe me. I did do it!

I do not feel like I have much to share other then that, I hope you are all well. And I hope next time I write, I got something more important to talk about! See you on the flip side….

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