Challenge Accepted

“The simple goal is: Draw 100 people in one week… but the real goal is PRACTICE. Not perfection. Every artist needs to sketch as much as possible, but we want to have fun and just stretch a little. Each of mine have somewhere between 20 and 90 seconds invested in sketching time. Thus, there’s perhaps ninety minutes of sketching investment here – and hey! No excuses: any of you can fit 90 minutes into your week. So go for it!”

From the Site “Just Sketching” (listed below as one of the blogs I follow)

I love to visit his place and read what he has to say. He is not just good at sketching in pen, and surfing that watery world of watercolor, he is a great writer too. The whole ambiance at his place, just speaks right to my artsy core. He laid out a challenge, and one I decided to undertake, for fun. For, a challenge.

I studied his work of 100 sketches of people for a minute or two and then set off on my own! I am currently on my 84th “sketch” of a person. And realize, I have an issue with simplicity. I really love to detail up. But, this is my first time so I am just going to enjoy it as I go. It’s good exercise after all, I really needed to put my creative juices on a treadmill. That sounds weird. But, there it is.

Anyone else want to join in? It could be fun 😀 OK, no more lollygagging about, I got 16 more people to sketch…

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