White Walls

Cabana Blue and Brown Teepee

I have been staring at white walls for almost three years. Ideas floating in and out of my head like the morning rush hour on the freeway. Sometimes, it is bumper to bumper with ideas. Sometimes, it is freakishly fast and you wonder where all the “traffic” has gone to. You feel lazy, but it isn’t really that. It’s fear. That annoying back seat driver that keeps putting in their two cents “What if it looks stupid?” or “You know, there are just so many colors to chose from, I think you know you are not going to be happy with the ones YOU chose” And you bob your head in agreement, you sigh and give in “you’re right..” and another year passes.

Staring at white walls.

A blank canvas is really hard to ignore, if you consider yourself an artist. Specially, if it is in the bathroom, and you’re just sitting there. A prisoner for at least five minutes, just staring at them. Imagining. And willing yourself to just pick a damn color already!

On Thursday, I kicked the back seat driver out, and I headed to home depot. Today was the day! I marched right in there, and headed straight to the paint department. Bought a couple of colors that I love, and the usual accruement’s that will aid in my adventure. But, I was NOT finished, I then drove to the store and bought some paintbrushes to paint with, not on my walls, but on paper. I was going to take advantage of this creative energy and go all out. I felt completely in charge, and the creative juices were flowing. I love feeling this way, I felt like I was home.

I have been gone too long.

Hello Color!

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