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Elf and Poppies 2015 – Hummingbird

An unknown number appeared on my phone. And of course I let it go to voicemail. With perked brow I hit the ‘listen to messages’ button with a tad bit of skepticism. On the other end was a nice sounding females voice. Calling to inform me that the people of WordPress cares about my blog, if there was any concern or questions concerning it, or how to bolster its ratings, please call and we will have a nice chat. OK, that is not verbatim, but close enough.

I stood there, phone pressed to ear, contemplating. I finally turned the phone off, and set it down.

Suddenly I felt guilty. Was my blog showing that I needed help? Am I not posting enough? Do they think I want more hits? I turned my gaze, which clouded with uncertainty, toward the window. I stare out and into a colorless day and contemplated my future with WordPress.

Okay, not really, I just wanted to play around with words. But, I did get to thinking about my blog. Where is it going? Does it matter? What have I learned since its creation mid February this year? Were my expectations met? What were my expectations for starting this artistic endeavor in the first place? “Hmmmmmmm” she contemplates.

I will say, this is not my first rodeo with blogs. Way back in the day, when there was Aol-J (Aol Journals) I wrote, shared photographs, and made some lifelong friends in the process. My blog was titled “Substance” and I was known as, sharky.

I really did love that whole experience. What I loved most, was the interactions between journalists. The comments sections were long most days, with us talking together. Encouraging and applauding. I was sad when they closed, even more sad that I did not take the opportunity to save my stuff!

So, when I compare WordPress to Aol-J, what comes up lacking is the comments. I miss interacting with others. Making friends here is hard, or perhaps, impossible. I guess it seems, more business then personal. And that is okay.

I will just keep doing my thing and we will see in a year from now where I am at then. I started this for personal reasons, for personal growth, and artistic ones. And yes, to make some friends in this strange but beautiful world.

So, lady from WordPress, If you are reading….I am doing just fine. I like it here and I am not looking to blow this blog up with followers. That is not the kind of growth I am looking for. This is a personal journey, and it cannot be measured by numbers.

But, thanks for call.

About Elf and Ppoppies: I had drawn this for my daughter, framed, and gave it to her for her birthday. I saw a beautiful picture on Pinterest, done in Watercolor. And did it in oil pastels, loved doing the poppies most of all. Never came out as good as the image I copied, but it was fun to do.

3 responses to “She Contemplates”

  1. A lovely image :))

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    1. Thank you Janice! I always enjoy interactions with you, always happy you stop by to say something to me. :))

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      1. 🌷🌷🙂

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