Wandering Human Plants

Spring 2017

I am not thinking too deeply these days, just skimming the surface. Like a boat on a sunny day, just lazily gliding across water so calm, it’s like glass. And mind you, it’s a nice boat with a good engine. Because a row boat just sounds too task involved for me at the moment.

My mind is buzzing with ideas, like spring bees gone mad for fresh pollen. The world is stirring awake, shaking loose from it’s slumber and stepping from the drab garments of winter and slipping into the bright colors of spring.

Today I feel like Spring.

Have you ever noticed how season’s mimic the human condition? We walk an emotional path tied to nature. Wandering human plants we are, each of us entering a season at different times. We are not exact as the calendar, some are in their own season longer, or shorter.

Fall representing change or loss, the acceptance of it or not. Depending on your view, depending on the situation. As in “turning over a new leaf”. Change is hard. It is not easy to let go.

Winter represents introversion, or a hibernation, the wanting to be alone, to process.

Spring is like a new awakening, joy, hope, you are trembling to be released from your cocoon and rejoin the world again.

Summer is a time when you are fully you, totally in bloom, adventurous, daring even.

The cycle of life. etc. etc..

I guess my thoughts went off the deep end. Just give me little time, and I will always end up there. Floundering around and dancing with dolphins. 🙂 Time to get back into the boat, and motor on,

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