hey there sandman. I see the salt at your feet. The tears that have dried that now you push aside. Piled high like mountains in your way. And i wave until the sunrise steals the last of you.

Eyes too much to see. they do not sleep. A mind cannot rest when it wrestles with what it cannot best.

hey sandman, you forgot about me.

left alone in that bed, no sleep to be had. and all that time I swear i dream. dream of you and that smile that melts all time. melts all the world and with me in it. And I see you, so far from my fingertips, as I stretch and stretch for you…

And I hold the stars but not you, you drift away, and I catch one last wave. perhaps a smile on your lips.

I won’t forget.

I can’t forget.

Hey there sandman, you forgot about me. I hold stars but not sleep. I swear I dream but I’m awake. I just can’t forget. I catch one last wave as he goes away. the sunrise stole the last of you. and I hold stars like memories. and the tears as high as salted hills. pushed aside awake I cried.

waving until the sunrise steals the last of you.

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