If you meditate on this, repeating it out loud at least a couple of times. It really does lift your spirit.

I have found, with my own experience, and talking to others. That as a people, we really struggle with happiness. We wrestle with it. We clench our fists and stand firm against it. We dodge and hide.

For so many, harboring bitterness and anger, and negative tapes, is so much easier then just…..letting it go. And choosing happiness.


Why does it seem so easy to deny ourselves what is good? Why would we rather curl round our bitterness and protect it as something vital to our survival? Why do we feed it, and help it to grow?

I have one word.


The ability to be vulnerable.  When you grow up fighting, or been in a situation where you had to don your daily armor.  Taking it off, is becoming vulnerable. And it is hella hard.

I been attempting to do just that. Taking off my armor, drawing in deep breaths, and in a safe place (sometimes in my car) I will repeat this mantra a few times before I enter into my day. It is not magic, but it has helped me to reprogram the negative tapes that plays in my head.

Grow your JOY because bitterness is a ravenous beast, and if your going to armor yourself, armor yourself with the intention to win the GOOD fight.

You are SO worth it.


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