Worker Bee

The weather has been pretty nice up here in the PNW, so I have thrown myself outside into the dirt with ready hands and an active imagination! I have never had the opportunity to do such a thing before, living in rentals my whole life has kept that part of my creative life dormant.

Giant log I need to work around. because it aint goin’ nowhere.

I moved onto 35 acres of undeveloped land, with numerous ponds. It is actually part of 150 acres total, but thankfully, I do not have to deal with the other parts of the property.

I want to keep the natural state it is in, but just organize it a little. I love most landscaping ideas, but I am trying to keep it low maintenance. Besides, it is the natural state of nature I love the most.

Taking a stroll a long a trail, looking up into tall trees, spotting flowers among the brush, birds skipping along branches as the trill of their voices entertain your senses. It is the one thing in life, that totally refreshes me. Fills my well that I draw on from day to day.

It is art on another scale, and I love the hard work, and sculpting my ideas into realities. Wish me luck it turns out, or I that I do not ruin myself in the process! (already turned my ankle) Anyway, the sun is out now, and so I should be as well!

6 responses to “Worker Bee”

  1. A wonderful opportunity! 🙂

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    1. Yes! I was collecting big rocks around the property. I love the work 🙂

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      1. I love using rocks for borders.

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  2. And that is what I am doing 🙂 I love rocks anyway. :))


  3. I love those big logs. Don’t know how you do it tho, curently my .5 access feel like they are too much for me. Sigh. State of mind, I know. Sho much vision for my piece of land, waiting for the rain to clear

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    1. Yes, inspration and the drive to complete what you are inspired to do. Sometimes are not in the room together, or even the same city! Mood helps! When your spirit lifts you to start, go mad and do not stop creating! ☺


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