Take a walk with me

Fall on Water

Let us have a chat. Why not? The air is nice, the sun is out, there is a babbling brook near by. And the wind will be warm, as it softly touches our cheek and races on. It can be anywhere. Perhaps you prefer a mountain trail, or the cool damp of sand between your toes, sunset on the horizon? A sunrise? A special season? I prefer, Fall. Whatever you can imagine, we can write it into existence.

The stage is now set.

“How was your day?”

A simple question, you most likely get asked this more then once a day. I would guess that most, if not all, answer with a quick “good” even it was not. Only to our therapists (not saying you need one) and our most trusted person, do we even dare to answer with the God-awful truth of it all. I often wonder why, an acquaintance, or even a stranger would even ask.

Can you imagine if we started answering truthfully? “It was hell, how was yours?” The startled look, the quick glance at their watch “I wish we had more time to talk, well….hope your day tomorrow is better!” they flash you their best smile of encouragement. Which is usually steeped with some anxiety. And move on. I wonder if some would stop long enough to listen. You could pop out with a quick reply “Bagel” and they would nod, and smile. Perhaps a soft touch on your arm, as they move briskly on “Good to hear! See you around!” You watch them leave, and you tell yourself, at least they asked. You know the ones I am referring to.

They catch you out of the corner of their eye, and they begin to haphazardly dig through their pockets or purse, looking for something that seems very important at the time. Usually their phone. Too busy to chat! Their body language seems to suggest, and the smile you were preparing quickly fades as they shuffle past. People can be so, well. Human.

We have all done it. We are all human. In my line of work, I must get asked “how are you?” 80 to 100 times a day. I got so bored of the standard “Good” because they are just rushing in and out, you know they do not care. I started to shake it up “stuuupendous, how about you?” my tone light and airy. Sometimes “Dandy” with a sarcastic tone. Or even “perfect” smiling bright. It has led into some conversations. Some heartfelt, some with laughter and jokes.

We know who our people are, whom we can share stuff with, we all (I feel) need someone. I am not sure where my direction went, but when your just chatting. Taking a walk with someone, sometimes you do not need a direction. Perhaps that gentle reminder “I am here” is enough.

I glance to my watch and sigh “I got to go, but it sure was nice talking to you…” A few lyrics I remember from a Cat Stevens song, suddenly runs through my mind. I begin to hum it as I wave and turn back home.

“Yes, it sure was nice talking to you…”

2 responses to “Take a walk with me”

  1. Nikki

    What song were you singing yesterday when we left??? ❤️


    1. Haha! Your my person. 💜 and many thanks for that. 💙


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