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  • Fly The Coop

    Fly The Coop

    Took a trip to Coupville, WA. Small bayside town tucked away under a cloudy sky. Well, it was cloudy that day. The temperature mild and sleepy, which if you think about it, it would probably describe any coastal town. They got their own swing, their own ebb and flow, like the waters that border them. […]

  • Mood


    I love the mood in black and white photos. This looks over my front yard pond.

  • Moss Iz dah Boss

    Moss Iz dah Boss

    I love moss…..

  • Photography


    I love, LOVE, photography. I love to just dive my focus into pictures. The angles, the compositions, colors, or lack of. It is like, poetry without words to me. I want to find the beginning and the end, of the why’s and silent story of, every frame. Perhaps I am being overly passionate. If it’s […]

  • Have-a-Cuppa


    “Sometimes life is merely a matter of coffee and whatever intimacy a cup of coffee affords.”   ― Richard Brautigan _________   “I know you and I are not about poems or other sentimental bullshit,but I have to tell you, even the way you drink your coffeeknocks me the fuck out.”― Clementine von Radics _________ […]