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  • HALF

    it’s too late to talk. To write. To think. I have a headache. It’s 3:49 am. December 6th came and went. Like it always does. But my son’s memory is forever. Two years now since he moved on to the next world. And here I am stuck. i am trying to get unstuck though. I […]



    My son would have turned 20 yesterday. Moving out of his teens, something to celebrate. But he will be forever 19. I made it through the day ok. I think with all the crying I have done in the last two weeks, was a preparation for when his birthday would arrive. Today, I finally started […]

  • Signs


    The thought of disposing the body of your child, or a loved one that is not your child. Is a process that cleaves you right down the middle of your being. On one hand, you just do not want to do it. The last visage of their face, their smile, the way their eyes flashed […]

  • loss


    If I knew December 6th, 2020 was going to take from me my son. I would have spent so much time with him, told him how much I loved him, hugged him. Took more pictures. I would have made sure I brought him to the Dr’s. Made sure his cholesterol was in check. Specially since […]