Tag: grief

  • HALF

    it’s too late to talk. To write. To think. I have a headache. It’s 3:49 am. December 6th came and went. Like it always does. But my son’s memory is forever. Two years now since he moved on to the next world. And here I am stuck. i am trying to get unstuck though. I […]

  • Run


    I do believe I am over run with projects. Just cannot stop, will not stop.



    I am doing lots of painting. I am pretty sure there is not a single article of clothing that does not have a splash of paint on them. Not counting bra’s or underwear, because painting in my unmentionable’s is a level I have not achieved. Yet. How am I? I get that question a lot, […]

  • DEEP


    I have been down in the deep. Weighted in the murky gray and ignoring the calls to free myself of the seagrass that have tangled about my feet. Processing. Processing. Processing. Being kind to myself has never been an easy place to live in. It is easier to be alone. Saw a friend today, it […]

  • Dance


    It has almost been 3 months since my son’s passing. Still processing. I find myself analyzing myself a lot. Wondering if I am doing it correctly. As in, am I sad enough? I should be more sad, I should be curled up on the couch or in my bed. Not eating. Not wanting to participate […]