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  • Rooster


    Things that are keeping me moving. As always, Art. I painted up the old roaster to match the kitchen I am working on. He looks snazzy.

  • Color


    I have been away, painting has called me. Ideas pulling my thoughts down a path of paintbrushes and wooden canvases. My voice becomes silent as my words become color. Good times.

  • Let It Flow

    Let It Flow

    I have spent my time painting, checking out different types of mediums. I have found, watercolors, as much as I love them. Are very difficult for me. “Why!?” I wonder to myself with great intensity. Look at that simplicity! Just watery drops of color, translucent rebels blurring the lines. Not staying in their box, but […]



    I love to draw with ink. And drawing trees in ink is just so much fun. This one I used pens and liquid ink. I have never painted with ink before, so that was an experience. And a good one! I will definately be buying more calligraphy ink, for painting. Are their rules in how […]

  • Tragic Tulip

    Tragic Tulip

    A year ago, I started painting this tulip. One leaf in, a couple of petals, and I began to feel frustrated. Nothing was going right. It looked, tragic. I could not bare with the failure of my art. So, I picked it up, and tossed it into the corner of my room. literally. I stewed […]