Tag: abstract poetry

  • Boxes


    I am in the absolute under in moving.  Under boxes.  Under thoughts.  Under feelings.  Under someone else’s treasure from which I call unwanted and unneeded, rusted, or depleted.    Under but over the down and the ousted.  Over the hurdles, over the bindings that kept me rooted. Over the under’s. Over but not over YOU. Under […]

  • Curve


      I throw back the shroud of tapestries Thick stitched with barbarous thread, hanging heavy like the echo of your words. Almond shaped blue green orbs squint,  As the quick slant of light  c o l l i d e shifting my sleepy thoughts back into places meant for the living. I am like spring,uncurling from […]

  • Gathered By The Wind

    Gathered By The Wind

    Periods of tranquility are seldom prolific of creative achievement. Mankind has to be stirred up. -George Santayana I feel as if I have been gathered by the wind, cradled and uplifted. A new bird from the nest. My eyes wide as I feel compelled to flutter my feathers against the currents. Where will it take […]

  • In My Deep

    In My Deep

    Small heart shaped leaf, found on rock in Hawaii While I am working out my printer issues, and bobbling about through stuff. I have stumbled across a couple of poems I have written. I write out my poems rather quickly, like in 10 minutes. I close my eyes, and start typing. I feel nothing at […]

  • You

    Like smoke rising from hot embers effervescent and churning an undulating mixture of chemicles unknown to me. Hurrying on with out a thought whose left to watch where you go.                                                     […]