small child

big bed

lost in a room

lost in her head

The gray of her days

by a rectangle window

gave slight to light

and tossed the lines

haphazard and tangled.

There came a knocking

a pounding

thrice times in the days

shook the frame of her mind

until crazy with fright!



whispered intuition

throw cares into corners

make brave your toes

and go to the door!

Fingers tremble

as well her bones

matching in cadence to the echo of the noise.

And such noise at the door! The door in the wall

in the room, too dark, and way too small.

Approaching the knob that shuddered with release

begging to be turned to set free the bang! bang! beast.

So large two small hands had to yield to be used

to open the door, to prove to the girl.

You are stronger then your fears

you are braver then the beast

you are not helpless

my dear,

for what you fear, is the dark room you are in

and beyond the door, is where light begins

to flood your life and grip your toes

carry you forward, make brave your bones.

The things you feared kept you confined

in the small dark room

in the center of your mind

now you know

now you see

all thanks to the bang! bang! beast.

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