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  • Sandman

    hey there sandman. I see the salt at your feet. The tears that have dried that now you push aside. Piled high like mountains in your way. And i wave until the sunrise steals the last of you. Eyes too much to see. they do not sleep. A mind cannot rest when it wrestles with […]

  • HALF

    it’s too late to talk. To write. To think. I have a headache. It’s 3:49 am. December 6th came and went. Like it always does. But my son’s memory is forever. Two years now since he moved on to the next world. And here I am stuck. i am trying to get unstuck though. I […]

  • Boxes


    I am in the absolute under in moving.  Under boxes.  Under thoughts.  Under feelings.  Under someone else’s treasure from which I call unwanted and unneeded, rusted, or depleted.    Under but over the down and the ousted.  Over the hurdles, over the bindings that kept me rooted. Over the under’s. Over but not over YOU. Under […]

  • Projects


    I forgot to post the pictures of my latest project. Of taking an abandoned table and breathing life into it. I wrote a whole post about it but I do not know how to link back to it. Basically, it is what keeps me going. I have not had a project to loose myself in. […]

  • Human


    Forgive me my readers, it has been almost two months since my last posting. I have been busy upcycling my emotions. Taking each one, and remodeling its destructive habits. To better suit me, and my day to day. Not even one mood is trashed. It gets a facelift, a splash of bolder color, a trendy […]