About Amy Jones

I live in the Pacific Northwest, yes, it is slightly rainy. But, I rather enjoy it. It fits my melancholy mood, not that I do not enjoy the Sunny days. I am just a bit of a, Pluviophile.

● Pluviophile is a noun which means a lover of rain or someone who finds joy or peace of mind during rains.

I find the rippling puddles, twinkling gems of water droplets, and water colored horizons, to be uplifting. It fits my introverted ways.

I am part of a very creative family. More then one have worked for a paper, wrote poetry, or have a book or two published. My DNA Dad (as I call him) was an artist, never did anything with it though. So, I have artistic genetic pools to draw from. And that is great! But, I have no idea in which area to explore. I am a sort of ‘jill of all trades, but a master of none’ .

So, here I am. Exploring them all. Perhaps this format will help me to decide, or help hone a path for me. And if not….well, it was fun trying.

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