I Was Here

It was the year 1890, the month was March and the day was the 8th. In a small English town named, Sible Hedingham, a baby girl was born. I imagine the air still had its wintry grip, but easing as Spring whispers her warm promises of green. Wrapped snug in a small blanket and held … More I Was Here

The Room

A true story… The room appeared slanted, like all the lines that framed the room were off, just enough to let you know, something was not right. And the only light came from high above, through a small rectangular window. The light, filtering through the darkness in shifts of unsettling, monochromatic, grays. The only furniture, … More The Room


I am wretched, or so I believed. grace could not be found at the bottom of anything. So, I began to gather enough feathers to make some wings. I began to test them, try their strength. But you would soon give chase and tear at me. Tossing my pieces out to the wind. Though bruised … More Fly