After the last blog entry, I feel like I need to write something light. Something easy to carry. I have read Marionette, my last post, a few times. It still seems a little, jumbled. I could feel the anger creeping in the more I wrote, I felt like I could not quite get my point … More VIVO


You called me mine, forming my shape with the soft round of your palm, I was so utterly shape-able, form-able, naive.  You breathed your doctrine into me like you were my God.   Manipulating and whispering, until my form was your perfection. i, smiling most ingeniously. You, tying strings to the vulnerable arcs of my bones, making me … More Marionette

Wandering Writings

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” Neil Gaiman, Oh! The Feels And not the good ones. I have become so, crowded within myself. I feel like a can of shook soda. A jumbled basket of yarn. Where … More Wandering Writings


_Haiku__The snow is meltingThe earth is crying riversLike lovers parting.__________ I have been reading from “Ontheland” who writes some beautiful Haiku. She inspired me to try my hand at it. Good or bad, there it is. 🙂 -Hummingbird


2 weeks of heavy snow. Most people stuck inside their homes. It really has not been that bad, for me.  Sometimes I like my nest, I have no need to rattle the bars of my cage.  Course, I am an introvert, I could easily bury myself in comfort.  For days.   Stare out my frosted window frames, … More Snowbirds